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Fic: For want of you
Pairing: KeyBert (Adam Lambert & SHInee's Key); ninja-HanChul, hints of HanKey
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: None? Unless you count total blatant butchering of L.A's geography and OOC-ness of Key and Adam?
Disclaimer: I own not one of the characters I write of. NONE I TELL YOU, NONE!!!
A/N: I've never been to L.A. though I hope to one day. This fic is entirely [livejournal.com profile] yesungholic 's fault. She's the one who got me into this pairing. I love you bb, but I gotta study T~~T  Please note that this is a work of fiction and I am merely a writer so yeah... Forgive me for all the obvious errors. This was not beta-ed.


1057 hours

Ask Key afterwards and he'll tell you he can't tell you how the hell he did it in the first place. All he will be able to tell you was that as he was slinking his way to the back door, he only had one mantra; I’m in L.A I’m in L.A. Somehow or rather, he'd managed to give their 'handlers' (well-meaning sunbaes, managers, bodyguards) a slip and made his way to a place that actually served the kind of water he needed. Jinki knew. Of course he did, because for all the sangtae that guy evoked, he was still damn fine a leader learning from the best. So he merely grins at the text from the older boy to call him if he got lost. He didn't plan on staying out too long, what with there being rehearsals and all that in the morning.

He'd changed into something... a little less inconspicuous. The tee he has on shows a little more collar than he is normally comfortable with, the jeans clung to his legs like second skin, and he managed to line his eyes with more kohl but tonight it's his night. And he was damn well going to enjoy it.

Snake Bite

The name of the club he is standing in front of. There is a line of very gorgeous, good looking people and Key is suddenly struck with the panic of looking too weird in the company of these people. The bouncer eyes him, giving the once over before Key musters the guts to walk up and whisper the word that Amber told him on the plane ride over. The bouncer strikes an imposing figure even when he'd nodded, grinned and fist pumped his very very much smaller fists as if they'd known each other forever. Key manages a small smile as he slips into the building.

"Can I get you a drink?" He is asked when he sidles up to the bar. The man who is asking doesn't look half bad; hair slicked up in a Pompadour-esque style, the dark of his liner accentuates the clear colour of his eyes. Like diamonds, Key thinks as he nods. He seems harmless enough, though his body language sings of someone who knows how he moves. A dancer perhaps? He certainly is fit and his voice low and warm like honey. The man smiles back, knocking on the bar top and signalling his order to the bartender. He has an easy smile when he slides onto the empty spot next to him. "Adam." The man says next to his ear, Key stiffens from the sudden proximity. The guy laughs, "Sorry."

You don't know the shit I go through, we all go through on a daily basis in Asia, Key smiles and shakes his head, "It's okay. Key." He extends his own hand for the man to shake.

"You're not from around here?"

A shake of his head, "Is it obvious?" He feels the heat at his cheek. Maybe he should've listened to the Jung sisters when they were telling him what constitutes as normal clubbing attire over here. The guy, Adam, merely grins and leans in.

"No. I just don't think people as cute as you are, are local that's all."


They end up dancing next to each other on the dance floor. He wasn't looking, but Adam could feel the stares bore into their skin. He thought he'd be used to it after all this time, but... He felt, God honestly felt like punching the daylights out of some of those voyeurs who were looking a little too keen at the creature in his arms.

And man, he was Fine.

Adam hadn't been thinking of hooking up with anyone tonight, just wanting some time to go out and have some fun. But when this kid stepped into his line of view from where he'd been sitting at the private VIP booths, he'd wanted nothing more than to be dancing up to him. There was no mistaking him for a local, really; not with the clothes he was wearing, not with the way he carried himself, as if in awe of everything. Coming up closer, he sees that the kid (because he seriously looks like jailbait even with the really awesome looking do) has really foxy looking eyes and angular cheekbones. Pretty. Real pretty. He thinks when he buys them both a drink and gets an accented introduction. An interesting name, Key. When he'd blushed, Adam had wondered if he could be sued for paedophilia if he kissed him right there and then in front of all this people, possibly more than a few paps running loose. Adam also wonders where he could be from when the music blares out something and the kid perks up and looks at him like he was a puppy and had just been offered a bone.

"You wanna dance?" Smile, and that was that. The kid, Key, had some serious moves on him. What was he? A dancer? Adam's pretty sure that the body roll he just pulled was illegal in 13 states across America. It had probably been the reason why there were people looking at the kid like he was fresh meat or something. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but Key did smelt good in the midst of the cloud of cigarette smoke, pounding bass and the sweat of the dance floor. He didn't have on a cloying perfume like anyone he'd been with before and... oh. There was a camera pointing in their way.


"Come on." The man whispered in his ear and he was tugged out of the dance floor. This guy, Adam, he wasn't going to hurt him... right?

They move through a labyrinth of corridors and then they were out in the back alley of the club with the bass still resounding in the air. "You okay?" He is asked. Key nods, because that's what you're supposed to do right? And he might've been just a teensy weensy bit drunk after all... Two shots of whiskey, a bottle of beer and the accumulation of the alcohol he had in the previous function he was at would do that for you. "You got some place to go?" Key frowns. This was probably a good time to call Jinki.

"No." A beat. "You got anywhere you wanna go?" The man laughs, husky and low in the cool night air.

"You wanna hang with me for a bit?"

"That'll be nice." And he threads his fingers through Adam's as he leads them out to the street to a waiting car.

They end up at this place called Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood and Key instantly picks out the familiar lone figure that struts out of the doors of the establishment. "H-Hyung?" He starts, letting go of Adam's hand and happily clings to Heechul who is trying to balance the sudden weight and the shake in his hand. "What's that? What're you doing? Where are you going?" He asks, the speed of his words faster than a freight train. "Where are the other Super Junior members?"

"Yah! Kibum are you drunk?" Heechul asks suddenly, frowning as he was shoving his bangs away from his eyes and looking intently at him under the streetlights as if he could decipher what was going on behind those eyes. It was also then Adam moves over to de-cling him with a arm arm around his mid-section. Heechul sees him for the first time and there's something in his eyes that is part-knowing and part-dangerous. It also unsettles Adam for a bit. Just a bit.

Heechul tags along when they move into the shop and order their drinks. And Key sees it written on the board. "It's his shake isn't it?" He mumbles in Korean, not quite meeting Heechul's eyes. "You came here to drink it." Key remembers seeing pictures of his former sunbae (or is he still? he isn't quite sure what are the hierachy rules these days) making shakes and being in L.A. He should've thought... "Does anyone know you're here?" He asks, smiling at Adam when he places his drink in front of him (mm... peachy...)

"Does anyone know you're here?" The older man counters with a practice eyebrow. "And who's the friend?"

"Adam." Key states with a wrinkle of his nose. "This is Adam."


That... man must've been a girl. Adam will swear up and down that that man is too pretty to be a man. A hermaphrodite perhaps? And he finds that strangely attractive.

They're obviously old friends, and Key seems at ease enough that he is switching between English and Chinese? Or Japanese? It sure did sound a hell lot like Korean though... He hadn't truly heard enough and his distinguishing of foreign languages is bad as it is, but... Key looks two years younger than he already is when he was talking to this man.

The kid excuses himself, leaving himself and the man.

"If you hurt him, I will end you." It is said so casually and in accented English that Adam wondered if he'd even heard it at all. "I'm serious."The man narrows his eyes into slits.

Adam clears his throat, "Uh... I won't?" This seems to placate him because he nods and settles back down with his drink.

They leave a little after that. Key watches forlornly from his side with his fingers intertwined with his again, as the other man leaves after he hugs him close and says something he wishes he understands because it makes Key's pretty eyes widen and look over at him and shake his head.

"I wish he wouldn't drink it." Key whispers into the quiet of the car as the turn a corner.

"The drink? The one he was drinking? Was that..."

"The Hangeng shake. Yes." Pause. "I wish he wouldn't drink it though. You know why? Because... Because yeah. It'll just hurt him more than it already does. He used to love him. But then he left and everyone knew he was in a rut and no one knew how to help. There were soo many of them and they didn’t know how to help. And they all loved each other. In their own way." He laughs and Adam sees a strange look of world weariness pass through his face. He’s on a roll, and Adam knows better than to interrupt."I'm babbling. But I loved him too." The laughter that bubbles from his throat sounds too sad. And Adam decides he should do something about it.

So he leans over and kisses him. When he draws away, Key has a rather dazed look that evolves into a blush. He can't help the smile that graces his lips. "Don't get so worked up over this guy. He obviously left, so... just don't ok?" The drumming beats of his heart against his chest escalates louder when Key doesn't answer immediately. But then he cups his cheeks and draws him down for another kiss and all Adam can think of is, "Oh."

0311 hours

Key was freezing his ass off sitting on the sand watching the moving dots of lights in the distance. Adam built them a bonfire with the help of his very surly looking bodyguard/driver person. It was warm, but Key was fucking freezing his ass off. Adam... was nice. America was nice. Tonight, this morning is good, awesome even. But... Looking at his phone, he should be going back soon.

There was something special about Adam. were people always this nice to people they have barely even known for 12 hours? Or was this something people do here in the West? Seeing Heechul hyung drinking that shake... It made him angry and sad and frustrated all at once. Looking into the fire he wishes he had the courage to actually tell Heechul to get over him, that he left, that it's his life and no one should ever have to feel threatened about their own existence. And that he wasn't the only who had love him. Adam had been... What was the word to describe this man dressed in a studded blazer and black leather pants?

And that kiss.

Key touches his lips. It’s different from the times he’d been kissed before. Different... In a good way? Perhaps. Maybe it was just the thrill of being a relative unknown in a foreign country. Sighing, he looks at his watch. He should be getting home.


“Hey there. What’s with the long face?” Adam drops on the spot next to him on the sand. The waves crash on the beach and the wind is picking up. Key huddles in on himself, barely noticing when Adam drapes an arm around him. “It’s almost morning.” He says softly. Key doesn’t reply, merely leans over and tucks his face into the crook of Adam’s neck.


“Thank you.”


“For what?”


“For tonight. For everything. I don’t... I don’t know if you do this for every stranger that you pick up in a club, or it’s just a ploy and by the time the sun rises I’ll be dead by the dumpster of the club we came from. But thanks.” He sighs. “I wish this doesn’t have to end.”


“You could stay.” Adam blurts suddenly. “Stay with me. I don’t know you. But I want to. Know you. You seem to have some issues. But you can stay with me. If you want.” Key takes in a deep breath because he can see it. He can see waking up next to this beautiful man with sunshine filtering in through the window and a slow smile as he kisses him good morning, making breakfast for him and cooking him bbimpap for lunch. He sees a dog with floppy ears somewhere down the line, a closet with their things mixed with each others. He sees the others; Jinki, Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun coming over for meals and playing games on the game console. He sees night going out to party as a couple, dancing up to each other in the heat and balmy dance floors and strobe lights. He can practically feel it in his bones, the whole utter bliss of domesticity that could be achieved with this man by his side. A lifetime to figure themselves out. Someone that makes him complete.


But he laughs. Different from the ones Adam had heard over the course of the night; this one is bright, clear and happy because although he knows the reality of things, he lets himself dream for once. “Oh Adam...” Key breaths against his neck when he settles down, “Do you even know who I am?” He asks eyes bright with mirth and a hint of longing.


“No. Do you know who I am?” It’s been a question he’d been meaning to ask when the kid hadn’t exhibit signs of a typical person who’d been singled out to spend time with a super star.


Key shakes his head and leans back onto him. Adam doesn’t know what he feels around this kid anymore. This skinny Asian teen who looks as if he could use to gain a few pounds, who kisses like breathing, who seems older than he looks, who doesn’t know Adam Lambert. Happy that he doesn’t know who he is? Apprehensive because he might be lying? Is Key even his real name? Sad that all evidence suggests that he’ll need to say goodbye soon? Longing because Key could be the one mystery that he could spend forever to decode?


“You’re real something Key.” He says instead, pressing close to the bundle of warmth in his arms. And they sit by the crackle of the fire looking out to the sea.


0645 hours


They reached the hotel and there was a man standing there waiting for him. He can feel Key wince at the sight of the person when they pulled up. “Should we just leave? The offer is still open you know?” Adam whispers, pulling him as close to his body as possible. “Marcus can still turn around if you want.” Key turns and smiles, shyly ghosting a kiss on his knuckles and shakes his head sadly.


“I’ve got to go back.”


He slips out of the car with ease and Adam follows behind still holding his hand. The man who is waiting for him raises an eyebrow but says nothing to him. They exchange a few words before the man looks at Key and looks at him (why is it that all of the people Key is associated to seem to be analyzing him for threats?) and sighs. Nodding, he mutters something and walks into the lobby.


“So this is it then? Goodbye?” He tries, valiantly to keep the crack from his voice. “Will I... I see you? Again?” Key nuzzles at his chest. Adam feels the soft exhalation and inhalation and tilts his head for a kiss. It’s not hard, neither is it chaste. It’s just... them. A meeting of lips speaking of longing and dreams that could never happen. Adam doesn’t know this guy, doesn’t know shit other than he’s got the weirdest name and that for the first time in a long, long while he actually sees himself living for someone. For the first time in a while he wants to give up everything, anything and nothing to have a slice of an apple pie life. All he wants to do, all he can think about is how he wants to drag Key back into the car and leave this hotel, and love him until he never has to see that world worn look, and hear happy laughter that crinkles his eyes. All Adam wants... Is for this boy to love.


Key drags him down and hungrily devours his lips, intensifying the kiss. When he pulls apart, there is a light in his eyes and a smirk. “We’ll meet again someday.” And through his blood, he knows that this is a promise that he’ll fight heaven and earth to make true to.



Sometime in the future; An epilogue


They’re backstage hyped up on adrenaline. They’ve done it, performed their part and now all that was left was to change and leave for their plane ride back to Seoul. Key thinks he’ll miss it; the warm weather that stuck and clung to his skin, the way the fans here were different than the ones in Korea. Not in a bad way of course. But he’ll just miss it.


Jinki is saying something and Taemin and Minho are goofing off in the corner. Jonghyun left the room I search of a bathroom. He sits in front of the mirror, wiping away the smudged make up and perspiration. Their manager enters the room and says something about their schedule tomorrow, but not everyone is paying attention. Jinki says something about something but it all gets droned out because he’s standing there behind Jonghyun who was enthusiastically saying about look who he found.




“Adam.” Key whispers, the cotton pad drops to the floor forgotten. And he can see in his eyes that Adam remembers him too. “Adam...” He swallows the choked sob, striding past the expanse of the room. This would be the moment in the sappy romance shows where the triumphant music plays in the reuniting of lovers. “Adam.” He says again when the man grins, his cool grey eyes soft.


Key instantly remembers the images of the sun shining through from windows looking over the sea and easy smiles shared in the sleepy wakefulness of the morning, remembers the clothes that mix together in the closet and of coffee in the morning. He sees it all when Adam pulls him close and whispers, “Found you” into his hair. Laughing, he slides his hands up Adam’s cheeks and pulls him close.


“Found you.”


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