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Title: Balance Plan
Pairing: KyuSung
Rating: PG-13 (heh. Another non-angsty fic from me. I must be losing my touch)
Warning: None.
Summary: Kyuhyun isn't perfect, but Yesung doesn't mind.
A/N: For [livejournal.com profile] blueicecreamxo Who wrote me a KyuSung fic here so go give her your loves too! On another note, I need to study. *__*

Yesung stares at the vegetable staring back at him. As if vegetables could stare back at the person holding a knife to its leafy head, that is. Jae Mi is warbling along to the commercial jingle on the telly and judging by the turtle clock above the refrigerator, Yesung has another two hours to go before Kyuhyun will be home.

The vegetable (a Chinese cabbage he picked out from the market. if anyone must know) must’ve sighed a sigh of relief (if it could) when Yesung gently places the knife down beside it, turning to glimpse at what his son was doing in the living room. Smiling slightly, he picks out a cookie and places it in Jae Mi’s special dinosaur plate. Jae Mi clambers to him instantaneously when he sets the plate down at the crayon scarred table, biting in to the treat greedily. Pulling his son close, he buries his nose in the familiar scent of strawberry shampoo and baby powder.

The sun is molten gold streaming in through the windows. It’s still chilly in Seoul and he wonders almost absently if Kyuhyun was wearing his gloves. Their parents would be around for dinner on Saturday, so he quickly draws up a list of things to buy when he is at the market tomorrow. He’ll need to clean the whole house, knowing that the only thing their mothers ever agreed on was the cleanliness of their home and he grimaces. Perhaps he could convince Kyuhyun to take the day off to help him clean?

“I want more cookie.” His son demands petulantly. If that boy was anything, he was like his younger father; demanding, stubborn, opting to use his large brown eyes and adorable charms to bend innocent unsuspecting adults to his whims. Yesung shudders a little at the thought of how he would be when he grows up.

But he gives him another cookie when he finally walks back to the kitchen to finish up dinner.

Kyuhyun was not the type of man who’ll call home in the middle of the day just to hear Yesung’s voice or talk about their day so far with a hyperactive three year old nearby. He isn’t even the type of husband who’ll bring back flowers just because he thinks they look pretty. No, Kyuhyun is the type of man who’ll forget (and has forgotten) their anniversaries and birthdays. But it isn’t intentional and Yesung knows it.

Jae Mi is positively screaming along with the opening notes of his favourite cartoon and Yesung nearly cleaves his finger cleanly off because of it. Sighing a little, he pre-heats the oven and slides the chicken in.

When Yesung met Kyuhyun he hadn’t expected to know more of the nerdy freshman who’d been apparently following him around campus. He’d found it rather creepy when his circle of friends found adorable. Some of the girls in his group has just said that it was just a phase the kid was going through. That it’ll be over before he knew it, but Yesung thought otherwise. Not an auspicious start, but when his laptop crash 4 hours before his paper was due, Kyuhyun was there. With a cup of coffee and a tool kit, fixing the damn piece of metal in an hour. It was probably the turning point of their relationship, and Yesung remembers it fondly.

Then four years down the road, there’d been Zhoumi. Zhoumi who was Chinese, an up and coming supermodel and apparently Kyuhyun’s ex. Kyuhyun’s super hot ex with legs of sex encased in leather and black guyliner eyes. Kyuhyun’s ex who’d been apparently in town to hook up again.

But they weathered that. Somehow or rather managed to stick together through even more when they both finally came out to their families and friends. Yesung can still remember the face of his father when he told him; the anger, disbelief, anguish, self-blame all swirling like colours on his face before settling into sadness. When Kyuhyun finally got down on one knee (they’d planned for a sunny weekend in the countryside, but it had rained so hard it almost flooded) and Yesung was sitting in one of the church’s back rooms, he’d asked his father about that day, and the expressions he wore.

“I’m your father, Sung-ah. I didn’t want you to; I have never wanted you to ever have to face all that hate just for who you love.”

It was the same train of thinking that came to him when he saw Jae Mi in the cot of the church orphanage he helped out at occasionally. He’d wanted. Oh, he’d beyond wanted to bring that baby home to call his own. But Kyuhyun and he ever discussed children, and he’d never wanted to push the subject.

But God... When Jae Mi took his finger, and stared right into his eyes, it was as if the child saw his soul. And knew him inside out. The revelation almost made him cry.

“I want a baby.” He said when he was in Kyuhyun’s car afterwards. “I want a baby.”

Kyuhyun didn’t say much, merely listening as he sobbed and held on when they got home. But at the end of it all, just before Yesung fell asleep, he placed a chaste kiss to his forehead and a whispered, “When can I see him?”

Jae Mi came home just two weeks before his first birthday. Everyone was there, and Yesung remembered the joint nauseating emotions the bubbled in him as he walked up the path to their home. Ask him if he’d remembered what he’d worried about now, he’ll tell you no. But he does he remember Kyuhyun pausing, slipping an arm around his slighter shoulders and another around the bundle in his arms, kissing him on the temple as the door bursts open and Heechul demanding to be the first to hold the child.

His husband comes home just as he is laying out the table. Jae Mi is more subdued now, pouring over some picture books as the rumbling sound of the engine is heard. Kyuhyun opens the door and manages to sidestep in time so that his crotch would not be damaged by the force of their son’s barrelling towards him. Laughing a little, he picks the boy up, depositing his briefcase by the stairs and walks in to the kitchen as Yesung is bringing out Kyuhyun’s beer.


“Hey.” A kiss. Jae Mi is squashed in between and he complains. Loudly. His fathers break apart to deposit him, and to wash their hands. Kyuhyun says grace and they eat. Jae Mi is babbling about his day. About pre-school, and Miss Jun who is very pretty but fierce. About television, and what they’d learnt, the pictures they drew. Yesung and Kyuhyun lets him talk his mouth off because they know that it’ll calm him down enough for a bedtime story.

And it does. Jae Mi falls asleep towards the second chapter of Lord of The Rings and they leave his room with the night light on. Kyuhyun has this habit where he likes to read a little before they sleep. Yesung lets him, normally he would turn over and fluffing his pillows a little before lying down. Tonight it was different though. Kyuhyun isn’t reading and is instead waiting for him with a soft smile. One of those smiles that Kyuhyun only wears in the privacy of their bedroom. Yesung sinks under the covers and snuggles into his embrace.

“Go on. Spill it. What’s wrong?” Yesung asks, intertwining their hands together.

Kyuhyun doesn’t answer immediately. He tilts his husband’s face for a kiss before smiling again. “It’s nothing. How was your day?”

Kyuhyun isn’t the type of man to call in the middle of the day because he knows that Yesung will always save the best stories for later, and that the last thing Kyuhyun wants to hear before he sleeps at night, the last thing he wants to hold and touch is his husband. He isn’t the type for flowers because those things will wilt and die and each of them carry different meanings that are sometimes not a very nice analogy for a relationship, so he leaves those botanical traps well alone. He buys diamonds instead. Kyuhyun may forget the birthdays and anniversaries, but he remembers the little things, like when to get milk, take out the garbage, fix the screen door, or buy take out because Yesung’s voice was a bit funny this morning. He remembers to help pack a lunch for Jae Mi when he’s going on a school trip and when Yesung’s favourite band drops their new album. And he more than certainly knows from the little quirks of Yesung’s lips how they’d end their day that day. So Kyuhyun may not be a lot of things, but Yesung doesn’t mind. Because that’s what marriages are; an act of balancing out each other. And Kyuhyun balances him out just as well as Yesung balances him out.

That, is more than he could’ve ever planned for in life.


A/N: OMG what is this I don't even... (¬.¬); I phail.
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