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Title: Open Your Eyes, Reset
Pairing: hinted!LilyxSnape
Rating: G (my lowest rating EVER)
Warning: None. Only that it is unbeta'ed.
Summary: Upon his  death, Severus Snape awakens from a dream.
A/N: Inspired by lily-fox's exquisite fanart here on deviantART. I've always wanted to write a happy ending for Snape and thus I would like to thank lily-fox for the beautiful fanart that sparked this. I hope you don't mind me taking a few liberties of my own... It kinda got out of hand. *_*


It was pure unadulterated release with that final exhale. As if all pain and weariness had all but fallen off his shoulder, leaving him free to float in the aether. He knows he is lying on the dirty floorboards, covered in grime and blood and he is no fool for he knows he is dying. And all Severus Snape can think of is 'Finally'.

On the edges of the transcendental light were sharp points of brilliant emerald green swimming in and out from the back of his eyes, before fading away. It should've meant something; he knows it should mean something by the deep thrums of his slowing heart, but it's not coming to him. It distresses him a little but he soon lets it go.

Severus open his eyes and there she was. Beautiful as the day he met her, laughing with the sun igniting the brilliance of her red, red hair. She calls his name and he knows he needs to answer now...


... And opens his eyes to the mournful swells of Adele and her lost love. The ceiling fan is turning slowly, hypnotizing the onlooker, catching the shafts of early sunlight to spread all over the room. Severus can feel his heartbeat, the slow rise and falls of oxygen filling his lungs; the vital signs of life all present and accounted for. Blinking slowly, he runs a hand through his dark hair in need of a trim.

His name is Severus Snape, he is 38, he works as a Chemist at Jones & Harkness Ltd., it is a sunny Tuesday morning, he is due for work in an hour and there is a white cat curled up at the foot of his bed burning like a furnace. This is his home in London and he is currently wearing his favourite cotton pullover given to him from a favourite aunt two Christmases past.

And there is a child staring at him from the side of the bed.

Severus draws back a little when the child leans forward asking "Are you awake?"

He only pauses a beat before answering, "Yes." Smiling as he lifts a hand to stroke her red locks. She leans into his touch. 'Like a cat', his mind helpfully adds. Severus notes that she is a beautiful child; long ginger red hair that curled slightly at the tips, a constellation of freckles scattering over the milky paleness of her skin and the bridge of her nose, delicate rosebud lips that when smiled, drew back to reveal gleaming pearly white teeth. But it is the eyes filled with innocence and childish mirth that sealed it for Severus; they were the same shade as his framed in an almond shape.

"Mummy says pancakes are ready." She said, breaking his reverie. It is then Severus hears the second voice floating from the kitchen below, singing in time to Adele's final verses of her song. It is a sweet sound that brought him back to a place with brilliant white lights and the fiery gold reds and emerald greens of a mystery.

'Is this heaven?' He wonders as the child begins to tug on his arm. Looking around as he stands, he sees nothing out of the ordinary. That all around him is normalacy at its finest, that this was his life, that the freefall through the light was only a dream. Smiling again, Severus picks the girl up with practiced ease.

As he decends down the flight of stairs, as the song draws its final notes, he turns to the doorway of the kitchen and sees the brilliant light tinged with red, golds and greens once more. Blinking away the last vestiges of sleep, the colours blurred before coming back into focus into a woman at the sink with her back to him. Her hair is tied up into a bun and is the same exact shade as the child wriggling in his arms.


As the woman slowly turns, Severus finds himself smiling because his heart is settling and the whole room has been casted into a sharp relief. The sunlight filtering in through the open windows is suddenly brighter, illuminating and casting out all the shadows that may have plagued his heart. Green eyes meet his, crinkling slightly with bemusement and utter love.

Severus Snape has found the one mystery he wants to spend his life unravelling.

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