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5 Songs

1. The Corrs-Angel
2. Paul Simon-Father And Daughter
3. Madonna-Like a virgin
4. Super Junior-Marry U
5. Busted-I crashed a wedding (Not too sure about the tilte, but I'm sure it's about crashing a wedding)

All the songs have lyrics that speak for themselves. No.1 is a song amongst my friends and I that we promised to play at each other's weddings, that's that. No.2 is for the father-daughter dance and in my opinion has always been written to be a father-daughter dance song. Obviously. The Madonna song is just for laughs, coz you know? Like a virgin? :D No.4... I could have never be able NOT to put No.4 into this list. It's just perfect. No.5 is another one for the laughs, but this will be the song I'll play when the young ones are ones the dance floor.
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I like to either listen to some songs, or think about things. Nightdream, I believe it's called?
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My parents are human. Flawed. They're not perfect and I don't paint nor do I imagine them to be. They're... just them, my parents. I can't fault them for the things that did and the things they didn't do. The consequences of these things are that I want to change how I raise my child, in a way that isn't how I was raised. It affects me in the sense that I never want to get married. Ever.
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I would go back to the 80's because it was a period of awakening in many areas of music, culture and sexuality. I would just go for a trip though- I mean have you actually seen their hair???? And the make-up is just....urk. If I could bring another person, that person would be my sis. She's just as bonkers as I am, so we'd have tonnes of fun.


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