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Title: Hello
Pairing: 2Min
Rating: Pg-13
A/N: For [livejournal.com profile] folkin_up_again (because I love her? ♥) and all those living with Alzheimer patients. Be strong and keep your chin up! You guys are awesome and I admire all of you. (Why yes, Neela I just complimented you in the same sentence as the word Alzheimer)
Summary: What happens to those things that matter most, to the people who have to watch it all.

Minho walked into the room with a smile and a bouquet of flowers. The figure in the room has his eyes closed, basking in the sunlight that streams in from the open windows. Noticing his arrival, he turns and smiles brightly.


"Hello Taeminnie." Minho says, brandishing the bouquet. "I brought you some flowers."

Taemin smiles impossibly wider as he gets off his perch to receive them. "Oh! You shouldn't have." Taking a whiff of them, he  looks up. "They're lovely. Thank you Minho." He moves to the dresser but is stopped by Minho.

"Go enjoy the sun a little longer." Kissing him softly on the cheek, the older one turns to replace the wilted flowers from the vase with the new ones. "So how are you today?"

"Oh good! The nurse came and gave me a full body inspection." Minho hears the pout before he sees it. "And I had my breakfast outside on the patio. It was nice and sunny today so I had tonnes of fun soaking up the sun. They said they'll let me go home soon." The last part is siad softly and unsure. Minho turns around from arranging the flowers and walks to the window seat.

Taking his lover's hands into his, he smiles softly, "That's good. That's good." He says rubbing circles to the back of his hand.

Taemin is smiling dreamily, "I can't wait to go home." He sighs. "Do you think we could drop by the art market? I'd like to get some supplies. It's rather dull here sometimes that I think I'll need to do something creative when I get home." He laughs and it's a bright and happy sound. "I feel like I've been here for a very long time. Will you come bring me home then?"

Minho leans in and kisses him. "I'll always be here to bring you home."



"Hello." Taemin is under the covers pulled over his head.

"I brought you flowers." Minho says, closing the door softly. "Your favourite kind." Taemin turns around and smiles quietly.

"Thank you. That's very sweet of you." Minho makes a move to the dresser and removes the blackened stalks that was once pretty flowers and replaces them with the new ones.

"How was your day so far?" Minho asks, the question coloured by the sound of the rain.

Taemin doesn't answer. Sighing, the older boy goes to sit on the window seat. The windows are closed today, the panes cold and dotted and streaked with raindrops. "Did the doctor say anything about you going home?"

"He said... That I could go. And I want to."


"I don't know. I think I must be mad..." He hears a soft muffled sob that was caught halfway as a sob. "I think I am, really." Minho looks over when he hears a shuffling of sheets. Taemin is hugging his knees to his chest. Tears are streaking down his cheeks and he looks absolutely distressed. "I think I... I'm so sorry. I should know you! I should know you! Everything in me tells me I know you..." He sobs. Minho closes his eyes. "But who are you?"


"Hello." Minho says, coming in through the door.

"Oh! Hello." Taemin smiles as he comes in, setting down the puzzle piece he was working on. "You're just in time!"

"In time for what?" Minho asks, taking a seat on the chair next to the bed.

"Tea!" Taemin laughs, bright and bubbly. Minho smiles, leaning over to ruffle his hair.

"I'll have to decline. I have... Somewhere I need to go." He winces internally when Taemin's face drops. "But I promise I'll bring cookies next time. And we can have our own tea party then." Smiling, Taemin nods and launches into an account of what happened just now with the nurse and her needle and Minho smiles indulgently. Somewhere near 3 in the afternoon, he makes to leave.

"Tae..." He stops and falters when he sees the tears in Taemin's eyes. "What's wrong?" He asks softly, cupping a cheek and brushing away the tears with one hand. "What's wrong? Taemin?"

He laughs, a choked sound. "Ah! I'm so sorry... I-I don't... I'm sorry. It's just... I feel sad." The tears fell onto his light blue blanket, darkening the material. "I feel... I." He frowned. "It's like I'm breaking apart. If you go." He looks up at Minho. "Why? Why do I feel this way?" And Minho feels himself crumbling to pieces and dust, more than he already was.

"I'm not sure." And it isn't a lie. "But I have to go now." Taemin nods, the tears falling faster than before. Minho leans in and plants a soft kiss on familiar lips. "I love you." He says as he draws apart, tasting salt on his own lips.


Early on set Alzheimer. The doctor's diagnosis. The youngest case in recorded medical history. They'd signed up for classes and treatments and sessions at the hospital, but when they were in the car alone, Minho held him close and cried into his shoulder. Taemin merely smiled and said that it'd be okay and added some sappy shit about how their love was too strong for him to forget.

They made a promise. It was more of a way out for Minho, than it was anything for Taemin. Bring bouquets every time you still love me. Don't bring any when you want to leave me. Minho had sworn up and down that he'd take care of Taemin. Forever if he had to. But how do you love someone who, one day will forget his own name and his whole existence? He tried anyways. A year into the whole thing, another when they said they wanted him under supervision, and a half when he finally begins to forget the more important things. Like his name.

"Hello." Taemin says in greeting to the opening door. He turns around with a smile, but lets it fall when he sees that it is merely the nurse.

"Hello dear." She says brightly. She talks about things, things he doesn't know or want to care about. All he can think is that there was someone missing, something missing.

"Please don't." He says when the nurse makes a move to empty the vase of its wilting contents. She raises an eyebrow, but smiles anyway.

"Why sweetheart? Are they from someone important?" She bustles back to his bedside to take the clipboard he left on his bed end.

Taemin pauses, slow. "I think yes. They were from someone important to me." He smiles.


Minho watches as the snow fell on the pavement. The white cloud of his breath curls in the air before dispersing. It's beautiful, sitting in the silence of the park, watching snow fall. He wonders... If he is a coward. For taking that route. That path he himself swore he would never take. Never under any circumstance abandon Taemin. Not even when he had begun to forget the things. And then everything. All those memories he held dear, those precious first times and first things. All of those... would be his to reminisce on. Alone.

Holding out a palm to catch the snow, he watches as it melted and pooled in his hand. A fresh start after a cold winter. He grins to himself. When had he became a poet?

He'll always love Taemin. That's for sure and without a single doubt he wonders if it were possible to love another person with the same intensity he love his Taemin. His. Not the person who lives there in that room. Minho had been prepared. He had been preparing for a life. A lifetime together. Where they were going to grow old together. Where they would hold hands as they sit on folding chairs watching fireworks lit the sky as their grandchildren play around them. A lifetime of memories.

Another snowflake soon falls on his palm. Dying the same way its comrades did; by the heat of his hand. He'll have to go soon, the bus to the airport leaves in an hour and if he misses this flight, he'll need to wait for another week.

The soft crunching of snow, heralding footfalls of an approaching person does little to deter him from focusing on his intense observation of snowflakes. It's only when the figure stops and looms over him that he looks up.

"I think you forgot to give me flowers Minho-ah."

A/N: So? What do you guys think? I'm sorry for this, really. But I'll apologise properly if you air your grievance in  the comment.
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