FIC: Motion

Aug. 2nd, 2010 03:08 am
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Title: Motion
Series: Running Away (1/5)
Rating: PG-13 (for cussing)
Pairing: Merthur
Genre: Reincarnation, Future, Angst
Disclaimer: Do you think if I'd owned any of this I would be writing fanfiction? No? Well, there you have it. I own nothing but the plot and the clothes on my back.
Summary: Life goes on while you wait for him. You know how this story ends, know that it's all for the greater good. But some part of you wants just a slice of normality this time round. Comments are always appreciated <3

Wake up. Slide feet into slippers. Pad into kitchen. Make tea. Drink tea but be sure not to burn tongue. Put cup in sink. Will wash cup later.

Run the shower. If water is too cold, curse it fruitlessly in 10 different dead languages to warm it up. Step into shower with toothbrush. Execute daily regimen of hygiene. Teeth first, body later. Body shampoo almost finished? Put it on to buy list for the week.

Step out of shower. Towel self dry. Pad into kitchen and make another cup of tea. Get dressed. Today it is skinny jeans, not-so-smelly band tee shirt lying on the lamp shade by the window, and red neckerchief tied secure in place. No need to comb hair back because it has a life on its own and will spring back in place by 11 o’clock. Finish cup of tea and wash both cups up, leaving to dry on the steel rack by the sink. The mobile rings. It’s Gwen and she’s asking “Where the Fuck are you?”

Telling her “I’ll be there soon”, pet Artemis the grey cat in the mad dash to grab things as the mobile rings again. It’s Gaius this time. He’s reminding about the dinner with your mother on Saturday. You remember it of course, because you’ve written it and tacked it somewhere under the weight of stick-on memos on the board. The end of the conversation is when you board the bus.

You make it to the library on time, just as Gwen furrows her arched brows; you kiss her cheek and tell her it’ll all work out well. That somehow, the assignments will sort themselves out, that the 1000 word essay due at noon will miraculously appear in your file and that someday, you’ll see him.

You’ll see him at the corner of your eye, and this time he’ll be real. That this time, you can hold him again, kiss those lips, hold those familiar hands, run your hand through those locks, breathe in him again. That the years you spent waiting have finally paid off. That this time, maybe, just this time. You’ll both be able to have a normal life for once. And that you won’t have to lose him all over again. Starting the motion of rebuilding your life from the broken shards only to have it broken in the end.
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