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Title: Obssesion
Series: A Hole In The Heart (3/5) {Formerly the Running Away series}
Rating: PG
Pairing: Merthur
Genre: Reincarnation, Future, Fluff, Angst
Disclaimer: I own peanuts. And cookies. But I don't own the characters I write about in this story.
Summary: You see glimpses of life as it should have been and would have be.
A/N: I have changed the title of the series for some reason I have yet to comprehend in my mind. Don't worry. I'll tell you when I figure it all out.

There are times where you see it. Where you see it; the reality that you could’ve, should’ve and never would’ve had.

It’s always the same. You would wake up to see him basking in the sunlight on linen sheets. He would smile and smell and look just the day you met him. He’ll grin at your sleep addled self and run a hand down your side, drinking you in like he will never quench a thirst. He’ll kiss you softly at first, and then persistently running a wet sand paper tongue into your mouth. You’d mummer in contentment before he draws away. And his eyes would shine dark and bright in the sunlight.

“Shouldn’t you be bringing me breakfast in bed?” He would purr. You would frown; you always frowned, before lifting a lazy hand to summon the dishes from whence they came from. And he’ll always share whatever is on the tray with you. It’s always the same reality. From the way the sheets feel against your skin, unto how the apples burst in flavour when you chew and even to the point where a little child opens the door quietly before barrelling into bed with you.

Sometimes it’s a girl. Other times it’s a boy. Many times, they would be two. But they always have his eyes and your smile. And both of your wits, brilliance and tenacity. They’d be magic, just like you and brave just like him. They’d be beautiful. They would be your children. Yours and his. They would climb unto the bed and proceed to chatter your ears off and steal your breakfast. He’d laugh. Pick them up off the bed and swing them around in his arms until they squealed and begged to be put down. They’ll pepper kisses over your face and snuggle into the space between the both of you. You’d waste the morning away watching lazy clouds from the window, conjuring purple puffs shaped like dragons to fly around the room and exchanging kisses and stories in between. And while they slept, you'd wonder in amazement at the bursting feeling you feel in your chest.

These are fragments, broken pieces in a dream. These are the reasons you still sleep when you don’t have to. The reason you even have a bed. Because here, you see what you will have.

And when you wake up, you can never stop the tears that follow.


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